Carpet Cleaning Solutions You Can Make at Home

When the inevitable spill occurs and it seems that the rug stain is set for life, there are a couple of different homemade remedies to try before calling a professional carpet cleaning company or buying another bottle of a carpe cleaning chemical solution. This way you will cut down on carpet cleaning costs.

The following carpet cleaning tricks can not only save tons of money but may actually be the most effective carpet cleaning remedies to remove the stains and give your rug or carpet a fresh clean look! Almost every attempt to come up with a homemade cleaning solution will contain baking soda as a primary ingredient. The fact is that baking soda is a powerful odour neutralizer and besides this, it also targets stains (especially the liquid ones!) by loosening the stain molecules. Sprinkling baking soda over the stain then vacuuming it up will help the stain not to set in the carpet. The first cleaning method is to use a combination of baking soda and borax in equal measures and let it cover the stain for a few minutes then vacuuming the residue up.

Another method involves using a carpet cleaning machine but instead of using a powerful and expensive chemical solution, an effective alternative can be found with simply warm water and a few drops of dishwashing detergent. This solution often is a simple and very effective way to clean up stains and for general rug cleaning. It is especially useful for stains from shoe tracks.

Lastly the easiest and most basic way to clean any carpet or rug stain is to promptly apply a rag soaked in hot water then rinsing it out and repeating. When all else fails or if there are no other ingredients available, this pure, simple, and tried and true method can help prevent a stain from setting in for good and also will serve as an immediate way to clean the rug and to remove dirt and other liquids or products which could permanently leave rug stains.


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