Home-Made Solutions Versus Toxic Cleaners

Should you buy a detergent or make an eco-friendly cleaning solution? This might seem like a trick question, but not really. A good home-made solution can take care of more messes than a cleaner, and there are much more benefits to concocting your own home cleaner than to go to the store and buy a labelled one. All these benefits are related to the long term appeal of the house cleaners next to the short effect that the store-bought cleaning products have. And let’s not speak of contents... yet. Here are all the benefits you get from creating your own home-made solutions rather than buying detergents.

#1 – The Price

The price of the home-made cleaner is basically the price of baking soda and vinegar at its very base. These two make for most of the cleaners you can come up with or find, and then just add water. A store-bought solution won’t be as generous to you.

#2 – The Range

One undeniable fact about toxic cleaners is that they are incredibly good... they are meant to sanitise. Store-bought products have a specific purpose and they do very poorly outside it. A home-made one will have a much broader range of application when handling your home cleaning tasks.

#3 – The Safety

Often times the use of toxic cleaners requires the use of gloves, glasses, protective clothes, and other equipment that helps you protect your skin and eyes. The equipment list for home-made solutions starts and ends with a rag, a wipe, a cloth, or whatever else you can use to apply it.

#4 – The Long-Term Effect

The thing about toxic cleaners is that they are toxic. When you are addressing your home cleaning needs, you want to use a product that won’t leave chemicals behind and make the surface unusable for the next few hours. Some products are so toxic that you cannot be sure it’s safe to use them if you have pets. Home-made cleaning solutions are typically organic and completely safe to use. Apply them and you will see the effect immediately.

In terms of health and safety, home-made solutions are clearly superior. They do not take long to make, they are easy to use, and they make for a much healthier home. Think about that next time you are at the store, staring at the cleaners’ labels.


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